Welcome to hell. Only ever use this app unless you are willing to deal with the bullshit of literally every type of person on the internet. And I mean every. single. one. You'll experience everyone except for people leaning even slightly on the left side politically, because they are driven out by the overwhelming amount of conservative libtard destroyers that roam the app. Also, you can't be a pussy. Everyone on the app can, and will insult you in anyway imaginable. The only way to keep your name sacred on the app is to never post, never comment, and especially never, NEVER, touch the dislike button.

The users on this app can range from overwhelmingly nice to the biggest dip shits you can imagine. It's best to ignore the shitty people, as most of the time they just want attention. Always respect the people who are nice on pictophile. They are rare, and probably the only thing keeping this app alive.

Posts on the app can range from clever and well thought out memes to posts that say "Like to Instantly eat Cheese" getting hundreds of likes. Posts are often either wholesome, incredibly offensive, or somewhere in-between.

Admins are also common users of the app, most of the time not doing what they're supposed to, or literally have abandoned the app already. Just try to ignore them and they'll spare you from their wrath. Benny's cool though... everyone likes benny.

Word of advice: If you ever see a post that's even could be slightly political that has 75 comments or more, never click to read the comments. All you will find is two or more people arguing about some bullshit with essay long comments going back and forth at each other. Try not to get involved.

If you've read this and think you can manage all the bullshit in the world condensed into one tiny app, then go for it. Anyone else can live their sane lives.

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